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IM1275 single-phase AC 485 communication electrical measurement

Collect and monitor AC/DC voltage, current, active power, electrical energy and other electrical parameters

RS485, support MODBUS-RTU and DL/T645-2007 dual protocol, simple communication and application

The product has obtained the RoHS report and the test report of the Metrology Institute

Meet the relevant measurement requirements in "JJG1148-2018 Measurement and Verification Regulations for Electric Vehicle AC Charging Pile"

product Description

The IM1275 single-phase AC energy metering module is developed by Shenzhen iRdopto Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in order to adapt to various manufacturers to monitor the power consumption of their products; the software and hardware platforms used are available in industrial products such as smart meters. A large number of applications, it is the smallest unit to realize electric energy measurement. IRdopto Optoelectronics IM series metering modules have been applied in many industries such as AC charging piles, street lamp monitoring, computer room, base station monitoring, energy-saving renovation, intelligent power management, dynamic environment, security monitoring, equipment energy consumption monitoring and so on. The accuracy of the module is better than the national level 1 standard; it can measure electrical data such as 45~65Hz AC voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, etc.; its communication protocol complies with "Modbus RTU Communication Protocol" and "DL/T645-2007" "Multi-function energy meter communication", through the corresponding interface, it is convenient to connect with other microcontrollers and ARM to realize automatic data acquisition and monitoring functions;

technical parameter

Active Accuracy Class:B
Voltage range:1-380V?±0.5%F.S
Current range:0.01-50A?±0.5%F.S
Current range extension:Expandable range, open CT(customized)
temperature:IC temperature
carbon emission:yes
Minimum power variable:0.0001kW
power factor:measurable
Pulse constant:1000imp/kWh
Minimum energy variable:0.001kWh
Interface Type:RS485
communication protocol:DL/T 645-2007 and MODBUS-RTU
Data Format:Default N,8,1
Data refresh interval:≥250ms
baud rate:2400bps-19200bps, default 4800bps
indicator light:Power indicator/communication indicator (red)
Power supply:Provided externally, DC3.3/5V > 30mA power supply
Typical power consumption:≤10mA
Pressure rating:AC3000Vrms
Operating temperature:-40~+85℃
Dimensions:Length 20mm x width 20mm x height 15.5mm
CT aperture:Φ12.8mm, can be worn with wire nose
Application field:smart home, smart lighting, smart light poles

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    A national high-tech enterprise, the R&D team has been deeply involved in the electrical measurement industry for more than 20 years. 100% of the R&D personnel have a bachelor degree or above, and 60% have a master degree or above. It is the main supplier of electrical measurement solutions in the smart meter and EV charger industry, and is the standard of "Integrated Energy Power Sensing Terminal" and "Integrated Energy Internet of Things Gateway" drafting unit.

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    Products are used in more than 10 industries such as smart meters, EV charger, electromobile charger, power exchange stations, power exchange cabinets, smart light poles, smart agriculture, smart buildings , smart parks, smart factories, Field Supervision Unit(FSU), energy management and smart transportation. And Irdopto provides more than 100 kinds of electrical measurement solutions, has more than 1,000 customers, and has sold more than 1 million metering modules.

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